New Dodge Charger

Dodge introduced the new 2012 Charger 

Dodge officially presented modernized sedan Charger. Apart from some external changes, the car will now be available with a new engine with 6 cylinders.
Changes in appearance include a new grille, modified headlamps and a different front bumper. Behind the changes are even more important, the entire tail has become a new species. The rear lights are diode sections tailpipes are chrome and trapezoid.

Since Dodge reported that altered the interior of the car, but not yet published photos of the gym. The new six-cylinder engine family is Pentastar, it has a volume of 3.6 liters. In Dodge Charger (and possibly other models), this engine will replace both two old - engine 6-cylinder 2.7 and 3.5 liters.

The new engine is 290 hp The strongest versions of the Charger will continue to be a HEMI engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters, which will be combined with an off several cylinders at low load. It is not known anything about the renewed transmissions Charger. It is, however, that the old machine 4 degrees will be replaced by more modern five-speed.

The company said it is improved and noise insulation of the car, installed special noise insulation foam panels in the bodywork. Version Dodge Charger R / T will be a 4x4 transmission in which will involve the transfer of movement to the front axle only when needed and complicated road.

For the first time in furnishing the model will have adaptive cruise control, monitoring system "dead zone" driver's view and a camera to monitor the area behind the vehicle. The updated Dodge Charger will be built at Chrysler's plant in Canada.

Evil and powerful. This is the new Dodge Charger Redline.

 The new Dodge Charger Redline is already here. It has more muscle and power dynamics.

At the end of the month at the Detroit Auto Show will be presented to the most powerful to date Dodge Charger, designed by Mopar - the sports division of the manufacturer. Redline Monster is based on R / T model.

In practice, tuning Mopar engineers offer three levels of optimization and "beauty" - starting from adjustments in exterior and interior, move management and security and get to power changes.

The first phase includes renovation of the exterior and interior:
- Full carbon fiber front spoiler
- The bi-grille, designed with a body polish and put a black box
- New wheel Mopar Black Envy
- Carbon fiber plates in the doors labeled R / T
- Ternary carbon fiber rear spoiler
- Matte black vinyl roof
- More elements in aluminum interior
- Coverage of stainless steel pedals

The second phase is focused on managing and brakes:
- New sports exhaust system
- Stretch the front bar of the basket

- Special linings of the brake system

The third stage is characterized by increased output:
- The volume of the 5.7-liter V8 HEMI increased to 7.0-liter
- Accordingly, the power reaches 590 hp
- Sorry, but no dynamic characteristics

Sales begin at the end of the year. With the emergence of more photographs and information will go back to this "American muscle".